"I Build My Own Cameras": Photographer Thomas Mezzonotte

Thomas Mezzonotte’s photographs are truly like nothing else you’ve ever seen before. This is because Mezzonotte, who trained at the University of Bridgeport and has spent the past 35+ years as a working art photographer, has a very unique process. He captures his images using cameras and photographic mediums he creates himself.

What we love about Thomas’ work is the mind behind it. To regard the progression of photography through time is something many have done; Mezzonotte does something exceptional with his exploration of photography in its purest forms, absent the forced refinements that have become so unquestioningly accepted as reality. He asks questions no one thinks to ask, and is then gracious enough to share what he has learned in the form of striking, compelling imagery.

From the Artist's Website

From the Artist's Website

Thomas is a Connecticut Commission of the Arts Master Teaching Artist, which means he travels
extensively throughout the state, instructing students on alternative photography techniques. Recognized as Fairfield, Connecticut’s Artist of the Year in 2010, Mezzonotte’s work has been exhibited throughout the region, including NY University, the Santa Fe College of Art , The Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland, Oregon, George Eastman House, the John Stevenson Gallery in Chelsea, NY and at the William Benton Museum in Storrs, CT.

Studio visits are welcome by appointment.

Source: thomasmezzanotte.com