Simultaneously Strong and Fragile: Designer, Printmaker & Painter Linn Cassetta

The range of Linn Cassetta’s work is breathtaking. She trained in fashion at the Rhode Island School of Design and completed her studies by earning her Masters at Royal College of Art. She earned early acclaim for her apparel and shoe designs. After creating the first Calvin Klein shoe collection and winning the Vogue Shoe of the Year award, Cassetta launched her own label. Her styles were featured in Saks Fifth Avenue NYC. Subsequently, Cassetta worked in all of the world’s fashion hot spots, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Paris.

Linn 1.jpg

Linn Cassetta and her painting "Flight Home" |

Wanting to have more time with her three children, Cassetta switched her focus to interior design. Tromp l’oeil painting , tabletop designs, the creation of a custom earthenware collection and a breathtaking restoration of a 1900s French style villa filled these years. Today, Linn is focused on painting and printmaking. Many of her current works feature an egg motif. Eggs have been important to Cassetta since her childhood.

"Egg Plate" by Linn Cassetta

It’s truly an honor to have a designer of Linn’s caliber working in the American Fabric Arts Building. What we really love about her work is the way the totality and diversity of her creations serve as a beautiful proof that vision transcends medium. Whether you’re looking at a Cassetta fashion design, the serene beauty of the villa, or her current series of prints featuring eggs, there’s a palpable compelling energy that invites the viewer in: you want to touch everything and experience more.

Cassetta’s interest in eggs has been lifelong. "At my aunt's chicken farm, I'd sit for hours, mesmerized by the eggs going down the conveyor belt, enchanted by their perfection, mesmerized by the calm I felt." She is drawn to an egg's perfect shape and the power of what it represents. "As a structure, it has magical qualities. A shape and form that has existed forever, it represents beginnings, hope, and perpetuity. An egg equals creation, simultaneously strong and fragile." Cassetta is a dynamo of creation. She provides color and design consultation services, and is developing a new shoe collection. When her schedule permits, Cassetta participates in Open Studios, and she welcomes visitors by appointment.