The Inhuman Beauty of a World: Painter Judith Corrigan

Colorful horses loom large in Judith Corrigan’s work. A talented painter, Corrigan uses intense color and a energetic expressionist style to capture the curves, depths, and innate motion of the natural world. Born in the Catskills and raised on the banks of the Hudson River, Corrigan was greatly influenced by the lush rolling hills and sweeping valleys of her homeland. Her work captures the liminal intersection of wildness and domesticity: to see a Corrigan painting is to know that not everything can be tamed.

From Artist's website

Judith’s paintings remind us in one sense of the Lascaux cave paintings. There’s an ancient knowing in her work: with bold lines and confident color choices she evokes the essential nature of her subject in a timeless and enduring fashion. Were we to show these paintings to people who lived 500 years ago, they would know the horses in an instant; jump forward in time the same distance, and assuming that people and horses still exist, the effect would be the same.

Travel plays a pivotal role in many artists’ development. Corrigan credits travels throughout Europe’s most ancient sites as an influence in her work. “The ancient architecture, art history, and pre-history of other cultures inspire new forms and colors in my figurative paintings,” she explained, adding that “These early images, coupled with a love of music and dance nurtured by my father, developed subconsciously over the years, giving rise to colorful, mysterious paintings of human figures and animals intertwined in the dance of life.”

From Artist's website

Corrigan paints on canvas and paper, with the canvas works being by far the larger. Her technique is reminiscent of many of the German Expressionists – one cannot help but think of Franz Marc, although Corriagan’s approach is far freer and much less mannered. She had exhibited extensively throughout New England, including here at the American Fabric Arts Building.

Judith is a regular participant in Open Studios and welcomes visitors by appointment.